The administration and staff at Novena Surgery are dedicated to providing high quality, easily accessible outpatient surgical and endoscopic services in an efficient and yet compassionate environment. Novena Surgery is responsive to the needs of our patients, physicians, and the community.


Modern Operating Theater Suites

Novena Surgery offers you 4 modern Operating Theaters in a safe and pleasant environment. Our cable-less pendant system allows surgeons and medical staff to operate unobstructed and free from stray wiring. Surgical equipment and instruments are brand new and fully imported from Europe.

Spacious Endoscopy Suite

Novena Surgery has two endoscopy suites for endoscopy procedure: gastroscopy and colonscopy. Surgeons can also rely on a High-Definition camera system to view their procedures with unprecedented clarity and transmission of findings.

Private Suites & Bed Recovery Units

Post surgery, patients can look forward to recovery in one of Novena Surgery’s comfortable private suites or 12-bed recovery unit under the care of well-trained nursing staffs.

Reliable Specialist Care

Novena Surgery is able to offer reliable and quick access to accredited specialists in any medical field to patients.

Experienced Specialists & Staff

You will know you’re in capable hands at Novena Surgery, as you are assured of a surgical experience that is safe and comfortable.

Shorter waiting periods

Patients will turn up half-an-hour before their surgery, and will be check-into the wards within 10 minutes of their arrival. This saves time for both doctors and patients.


A cozy ambiance and movies-on-demand are just some of the features that make Novena Surgery Ambulatory Care special. Our staffs are also happy to cater to personalized food requests from patients during their stay with us.


Novena Surgery is a day surgery facility within Novena Medical Center. Conveniently sited above the Novena MRT station, the medical center is seamlessly integrated with the Velocity, Square, Square 2 shopping malls with more than 200 retailers.