What is vocal cord surgery?

Vocal cord surgery is a surgical procedure to remove growths in the vocal cords such as nodules, polyps, and cysts. Voice overuse, constant coughing, acid reflux or allergies are possible conditions that can result in the development of these abnormal growths.

Why do you need vocal cord surgery?

Abnormal growths on your vocal cords can cause your voice to sound raspy, breathy, or hoarse. If left untreated, the growths can lead to voice strain. Vocal cord surgery can help alleviate hoarseness and vocal cord inflammation, as well as normalise vocal cord functioning.

What can you expect when undergoing vocal cord surgery?

During Vocal Cord Surgery

There are two main types of vocal cord surgery:

  • Laser Surgery – small vocal cord lesions can be removed through laser surgery. Your surgeon will apply a numbing spray to your vocal cords before inserting a scope through your nose and down your throat. A laser that is embedded in the tip of the scope is used to laser off the lesion with high-energy beams of light. 
  • Microlaryngoscopy with Excision – larger vocal cord lesions or hard-to-reach vocal cord lesions can be removed through a microlaryngoscopy. Your surgeon will access your vocal cords through your mouth using a laryngoscope which projects magnified, high-quality images from inside your vocal cords. Your surgeon will then remove the lesion using tiny surgical instruments. No stitching is required. 

Both procedures can be performed in an outpatient setting and you can return home on the same day.

After Vocal Cord Surgery

Voice therapy or rehabilitation may be recommended after vocal cord surgery to help you regain voice function. ​​Singing, screaming, and talking for long periods should be avoided.

Why choose Novena Surgery for vocal cord surgery?

Doctors who choose to perform vocal cord surgery at Novena Surgery will perform the procedure in one of four modular operating theaters with cable-less pendant systems, allowing doctors to operate free of stray wiring obstruction.

Post-procedure, patients can choose to recover in one of Novena Surgery’s comfortable private suites, or in our 12-bed recovery unit under the care of well-trained nursing staff.

Waiting times are also shortened as patients need only turn up half-an-hour before their surgery, and be checked into the ward within 10 minutes of arrival. 

Patients’ companions have the option of patronising Velocity, Square and Square 2 shopping malls that are seamlessly integrated with Novena Medical Centre, the building housing Novena Surgery.

I want to undergo vocal cord surgery in Novena Surgery but I do not have a specialist doctor in mind yet.

This list consists of specialists who commonly perform vocal cord surgery at Novena Surgery – contact us at +65-6254 9331 or admin@novenasurgery.com.sg and we will help you book a consultation appointment with a specialist doctor from the list.

Name of Specialist ClinicName of Specialist DoctorSpecialist Clinic AddressSpecialist Clinic Opening Hours
G Chee Ear Nose Throat Sinus & Dizziness CentreDr Gerard Chee3 Mount Elizabeth, #12-06, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre,
Singapore 228510
Mon to Fri: 9am to 5pm (except Thurs: 9am to 12pm)
1st Sat of the month: 9am to 12pm